Good Riddance to Bad Acne

I used to have a really bad acne problem that couldn’t be cured by any of the over the counter items. I tried those cool, wet, medicated pads, but they didn’t do anything but make my face moist any smelly. I tried multiple face washes and creams, but the acne still kept on coming. Each purchase was becoming a waste of money. It took all of my will power to resist the urge to pop my pimples and squeeze my skin. I gave up and realized that I would have to visit office facilities of the local dermatologists.

The dermatologist took a look at my skin and recommended that I start using a specific type of topical medicine that couldn’t be found in the aisles of any store. He also wrote me a prescription for an oral antibiotic that would get rid of the bacteria causing the acne. I had to take one of the antibiotic pills each day and apply the topical medicine after washing my face at night. Remembering to take my medicine was the most difficult part. Now I know how those people feel who have to take medicine every day for serious conditions.

The medicines the dermatologist prescribed did a way better job than the stuff that I would usually buy from the store. For once I could look in the mirror and see a face without any acne. My skin was smooth to the touch, and my pores were smaller as well. I could even shave without worrying about hitting one of my pimples with the razor blade. The success of the treatment also had a welcomed side effect. People now tell me that I look younger than I used to because of the treatment. I didn’t really think the acne aged me that much, but I guess everyone else thought so.